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VP – Content, Smartstay.in
2007-2017 yr old Female
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About Poornima

With 10 years of working at sophisticated Investment Banks and MNCs, where 2+2 is always 4, I finally called it quits to the formal ambiance and landed myself to where 2+2 could be anything but 4. Life took an enormous turn and brought me from viewing grey numerical screens to lush greens, snow whites and other colourful joys of nature and living - the world of travel! Never felt so alive and energetic before! Welcome to my world, better known as ‘Life’!


Saturday Night Market - Baga & Arpora, North Goa..

By - Poornima

This time, I made it a point to be in Goa on a Saturday especially to visit the Saturday Night Markets held at Baga and Arpora in North Goa.Woo! I am in love with the vibrancy and

Thu 01 1970 • 0 comments 1254 Views

Rann Utsav - An Untold Story about Life

By - Poornima

Kutch... the topography of this vast region of Gujarat is mostly dry with minimum or no vegetation. When team Smartstay.in visited Kutch in July, 2015, most of the time during our

Thu 01 1970 • 0 comments 1357 Views

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