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Yacht Luxurious Party – Colaba

- By Nikita Dalwani, 4th of May 2017, Luxury Travel, Views: 777

We know you guys love Sailing Holidays just as much as we do. But the list of people below love sailing holidays so much they have turned their entire lives into one permanent sailing dream.

We're jealous as we follow their adventures sailing across the world full-time. If you're an avid sailing enthusiast, a seaside rookie or even if you just want to look at beautiful pictures of some of the world's most stunning holiday destinations, you'll love our Top 1 Favourite Sailing Destination – @Colaba.

Well Favourite would be due to the fact that This is a kind of most luxurious Yacht sailing experience ever!

That's When I have to thank Mr. Sunchit Chauhan, Senior Manager- Sales and Marketing at the leading travel portal smartstay.in, for giving me this opportunity to Travel on this luxurious Queen, and having share my experience like this! He hosted the entire party being at his highest energy levels and inspiring us to make the most of the moment!


While we hosted this, accompanied with DNY hospitality Pvt. Ltd. being our F&B partners,  Catering the best of cuisines, I found my guests enthralled with the evening. As the Gateway of India receded in the background, guests seemed relaxed as they enjoyed the Magic Show, or were simply happy to hear the sound of sea. If you were to ask me, any day I'd opt for this party option — away from the noise and flurry that constitutes Mumbai. In my opinion, to sail away is nearly symbolic of leaving behind all the responsibility and the rush of city life.

Yacht parties are also more intimate — the ones I've attended have carefully curated guest lists. Entertainment and food often play an important role and, I've witnessed international performers and even roulette tables at the parties I've attended. Food is always the talking point with flambes, cheese, wines, exotic seafood, North Indian, and experimental cuisines that DNY Hospitality Catered very well for us.

Mumbai has always had the distinction of being the trendsetter with sailing Yacht Parties. Guests Chilling in moonlight and feasting on delicacies on a luxury yacht is the new luxury statement. They take one beyond the been-there-done-that luxury hotels and private jets.

You can entirely spend your weekend renting the private Yacht via http://www.smartstay.in and have the most of every moment under the stars and between the windy sea.

Some of the largest luxury yachts in the world belong to Indians — Vijay Mallya, (no surprises there) and the Ruia's, who own a luxurious behemoth — and they host the most legendary parties ever. Mallya's Kalizma (a vintage motor yacht) brings memories of sparkling multi-level wooden decks gleaming in the moonlight, where our gowns sashay up and down spiral staircases into different lounges and decks. Vijaypat, Nawaz and Gautam Singhania host fabulous Champagne sundowners aboard their liner, which is designed by Gautam himself. The party starts from the barge itself and you literally feel miles away from land and reality. Nothing on terra firma ever remotely compared.


We all have an inner nomad, always curious to seek more thrills and fun from life.  Having a kick-ass party on a yacht pushes the envelope for that free spirit in you!  Isn't it a great idea to get addicted to the euphoric soundscapes of a rock star DJ and dance till you drop? The fun just don't end there- Live Band music, delicious multi cuisine spread, and exotic line up of cocktails- there are many more ingredients of sensory intoxication!

Why stay tuned in here, when you can join me for my next Yacht experience?


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