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Summer Travel Tips in India

- By Smartstay Team, 18th of August 2014, Family Travel, Views: 1683

Pack your bags to explore the heat!


Summer season is the hottest time in most parts of India, beginning March until May. Hot winds and scorching sun are the two most inseparable constituents of Indian summer! This is the time when most of us prefer staying indoors and scowl at the very thought of even stepping out in the hot sun to pick up a loaf of bread! However, there are many amongst us who are willing to travel in this heat to explore the beauty of India. Here are some useful tips to travel in India during hot summers:

If you are planning to stay in Mumbai or any such place which is very close to the sea, expect humidity at its peak! Whereas places away from the sea experience dry heat waves. However, the precautions which need to be taken in both these cases are more or less the same.


  • Light cotton clothes remain the order of the day to protect you from the prickly heat of Indian summer. Please carry at least 10 pairs of pure cotton undergarments, preferably white in color so that you can change them every day in case you are unable to do laundry for a stretch of days during the tour.
  • A light colored cap and 100% UV protected sunglasses are a must!
  • Even if you do not prefer to use sunscreen lotions, BUY IT! You don't want your poor skin to bear the burns...literally! Constant exposure of the skin to direct and harsh sunlight also causes skin cancer. So it is better to be safe than sorry!
  • When it comes to dressing up, light colored cotton fabrics, preferably with full sleeves, feel great! Avoid technical fabrics like polyester, lycra, nylon and the dry-fit ones which work in controlled environment like an air conditioned malls, but under the sun, they are the most uncomfortable fabrics you can wear and bear. However, avoid revealing clothes in order to avoid rolling eyes!
  • Instead of towel carry a Gamucha. Gamucha is a thin cotton towel used generally in eastern part of India. It is the most wonderful piece of garment which you can carry when you are outdoors. One can use Gamucha as a scarf as well. Advantage of Gamucha is that it dries up within minutes!
  • Traveling in AC buses/taxis/other vehicles can be an add-on. Advantages? Your energy is high even while traveling and enjoyment is the highest. It saves your energy, keeps you pleasant and moreover, the heavy pollution is entirely cut off, thus saving your skin and hair of the harsh effects.
  • Precious, Precious Water! Avoid tap water; packaged drinking water is available in almost all  regions in India. Consume large quantities of juicy fruits like water melons, oranges, and apples during your stay. Make salads (with onions) and raw mangoes a part of your meals to avoid sun stroke.
  • Medicines: Plan before hand, the medicines which you need to carry for stomach upset, headaches, skin ointments, eye drops and skin burns. Traveling from warmer locations to the cool and vice versa can make you sick. So be prepared mentally & with proper medications.
  • Travel Early Morning or Late Evenings: Avoid the time when the Sun is at its brightest best! Choose to travel either early morning or evenings and escape the wrath of the Sun. This is the reason why Travel Companies charge more for early morning and late night travels but that worth it for your own good!
  • Summer evenings in India have a charm of their own. Don't stay indoors; instead, step outside and visit to the gardens and parks in the evening hours to feel the cool and refreshing breeze. Now you know that there are no excuses why you may not travel during summers...

So shake off the laziness & go on...explore India!

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