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Single Woman Travelers - Its a Beautiful World out there!!

- By Poornima Poojary, 16th of August 2014, Adventure Travel, Views: 1737



Women today have evolved as far as traveling solo is concerned. And why not? Why should boys have all the fun? It's a huge world out there which beautifully accepts you with open arms and lets you explore, irrespective of your gender. The only thing of concern is Mindset. A lone women traveler is sometimes looked down as a runaway and hence an easy bait! Sick, but that should not stop you from exploring.

We may be unable to change mindsets, but of course we can prevent disasters if we are careful. Here are a few tips which can help in achieving a smooth, exciting and pest-free travel.

Do your Research baby!: Before you travel to any place on this planet, Google! Get in and out information about the place, its people, culture, good places to eat and 3 magic words in the local language - 'Thank you', 'Please' and 'Sorry'.

Phone Numbers:
Make sure you have all the important phone numbers of your relatives, friends, the place where you will be staying, the emergency numbers of the city/country which you are visiting and the phone number and address of the Embassy, both in you cell phone and on paper, just in case.

Keep at least 1 person in loop about your whereabouts all the time. Let your close ones know your itinerary.

Men with bad intentions are scared of confident women. Even if you are lost, pretend you are not. If you need to ask for directions, make sure you ask at least 3 people before you decide which route to take. Self-confidence matters the most. If you really wish to have a great travel experience, get rid of that 'oh, I am so timid' attitude, and I tell you that it is the best thing you can do to yourself as a woman!

Money Matters: Always have some backup cash in your socks or inner. In case you are robbed, you still have some cash to reach any important location by cab.

Strangers: Avoid as much contact with strangers as possible. Avoid eye contact. If you need to speak with them, do not give away details such as the place you are staying, your contact number or that you are traveling all alone! If anybody tries to act fresh, give them a hint that you are not alone.

Defense Tools!:
Very important things to invest in that come handy in the worst of situations - Pepper Sprays, TASERs, Stun Guns, Wild Cat Key chains and knives. Google!

Self Defense: Learn basic hit and escape defense tricks which are easily available on the internet. It's very important that you are fit and healthy before you make any travels on your own.

Night outs:
As much as possible, avoid venturing out after dark. If really important, it is still not as important as you being safe!

Gadgets are Gods!: In these modern times of technology, make utmost use of the gadgets for directions to the location of important places such as your hotel, the police station, hospitals, etc. Use social media where friends are always around to assist you.

Clothing: It is better to stay low rather than draw attention. Avoid revealing clothes. Wear clothes that cover your top and go below the knees. Carry a stole /cotton or woolen shawl at all times just in case.

Why be sorry when you can be prepared and have a blast!

Go girl...have the time of your life and come back merrier to share a page of your Beautiful Life!



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