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Silkworm Rearing... A Visual Treat!

- By Poornima Poojary, 12th of October 2015, , Views: 3145
Silkworms - White, mushy, wriggly creatures the size of your little finger are in fact amazing beings which weave silk threads, so famously used in creating excellent works of art in the form of Silk Sarees. Never before had I seen in reality, silkworms at work. And here, in a little village in Ramnagara near Bangalore, Karnataka, we came across a few 'standing mats' on either sides of the road. On inquiry, we go to know that these mats are actually used to rear silk worms. So we got off our car and visited one of the homes by the road where they bred these amazing worms for a living. Here is a visual treat of the same:


The local accumulates the silk worms from Mulberry trees.

He then randomly places the worms on a mat made of coconut leaves which has circular sections like a maze.


The mat gives the silkworms a comfortable condition to weave silk cocoons.

The mats are then placed in slanting position.

Next day, pale green coloured cocoons enclose the silkworms which look like small cotton buds.




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