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Saturday Night Market - Baga & Arpora, North Goa

- By Poornima Poojary, 21st of December 2015, Festivals and Events, Views: 1180
This time, I made it a point to be in Goa on a Saturday especially to visit the Saturday Night Markets held at Baga and Arpora in North Goa.

Woo! I am in love with the vibrancy and uniqueness of these Saturday Night Markets!

The night market at Baga is comparatively smaller to the one at Arpora where the market is set up on 3 terraced layers of land. The Saturday Night Market at Baga can be covered within an hour (only if you are window shopping) with breaks at the center of the market where live band performance entertains you while you have booze and bites from the eateries lined out close to the stalls. Pretty interesting stuff to buy right from pure whites to colourful and shiny clothes, woolens, some brilliant artifacts, women's accessories, carpets, caps and hats, swimwear, bags and lots more.

Moving to Arpora, the aura is simply brilliant! Firstly, remember where you have parked your rental/own motor bike or moped since the parking lot is vast and simply crazy! The market is beautifully lit and is lively with music playing at every nook and corner. A stage is set up for bands to perform live - be it folk, trance, international, the performers change every week giving chance to new and vibrant bands. Other performances such as monkey show, fire show, magic show, etc keep the crowd entertained for the evening. Enough chairs have been put up for visitors to sit back and enjoy the soulful evening.

Coming to shopping, the variety is just amazing! Be it colourful sarongs or sober scarves, beautiful artifacts, eye catching fabric, gorgeous dresses, accessories, bags, hammocks, idols... the list just goes on! And oh...I had my caricature made at a stall. I was quite ok about the end result :).

Plenty of stalls to eat from where eateries had spread out super delicious looking international street food, be it Greek, Italian, Russian, French or simply spicy Indian and Goan cuisine! I got a chance to go behind these stalls and witness the preparations at the open kitchens while I relished every bite of the fresh golden fried prawns with fries and salad!

Enjoy a picture story of the Saturday Night Markets of Goa!

Quick tips:

The market begins by 6 in the evening and goes on until very late in the night.
The commodities are quite cheap. However, you need to bargain well in order to get value for money.
It is much easier to travel on motorbikes/mopeds. Parking space is a fight if you reach anywhere around 8:30 or 10pm.
You will find enough booze and eatables to enjoy while shopping. All you need to carry is a bag to stuff your shoppies.
Some stalls do not allow photography. So it is wise to ask the owners before you take a click.

Saturday Night Market - BAGA



Saturday Night Market - ARPORA


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