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Road Trip Checklist

- By Poornima Poojary, 16th of August 2014, Family Travel, Views: 1952


Its holiday time and you are all charged up about this exciting trip! Have you run through the checklist yet?

Road Trip Checklist:

  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothes while traveling, especially on road trips where you have to remain seated for long. Avoid sports shoes and heels. Instead go for floaters and flats to let your feet breathe
  • Feeling comfortable is important on a road trip. Carry blankets and pillows that do not eat up too much of car space
  • It's always better to carry finger food on your trip. Carry fruits like grapes, bananas and stuff like sandwiches, cracker biscuits for a quick munch.  A mouth freshener is always better than bad breath in a closed car
  • Carry enough drinking water. You never know what kind of water you will find in the countryside restaurants. A flask of hot water can be very handy especially if you have kids traveling with you. Paper cups and paper plates come in handy when you are carrying your meals along. A pouch containing tea bags, sugar cubes and milk powder can help in fixing up a quick tea
  • You do not want to carry and wash soiled towels later. Paper tissues are easy to use and dispose. Wet tissues can feel like bliss on the scorched skin and refresh you instantly! A hand sanitizer is a good option to have clean hands.
  • 'Freak! I left the keys inside the car and now we are locked outside!'  Never leave without an extra set of car keys! And it should always remain in the pockets of anyone person traveling with you
  • Sunglasses will help you go a long way with very less strain on your eyes. Your eyes are precious and not worth of strain
  • Have a set of comb, skin lotion, lip balm, scarf, pen, booklet, coins, enough change, disposable plastic bags, kid's diapers, nappy rash cream, and such important things handy
  • First Aid: A box with band-aids, motion-sickness pills, headache reliever, skin ointment, eye-drops, muscle band, anti-bacterial powder or cream, acidity pills and other such things are advised
  • A set of CDs with some good music will relieve a bit of road stress
  • Make sure the 'stephanie' or the other wheels are filled up and that all the tools are in place. Carry a large can for gas just in case you need to fill your car and there are no Gas stations nearby
  • A flash light is extremely important if you need to dig into some luggage during the night in a remote area or need to get out of the car
  • Car charges are a must as mobile phones are usually stressed on the go and lose out on battery sooner
  • Pack change of clothes for kids in a pouch and keep it in a reachable spot in the car when you need to change your kids' clothes. All of kids stuff should be kept separate in order to avoid messing up
  • Above all, the members planning to drive throughout the trip Must have a very peaceful and refreshing sleep before the journey to avoid any kind of ugly circumstance on the road
Now that you are ready to go... have a safe and comfortable journey!

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