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Family Holidays: 5 Offbeat Holiday Ideas with Kids

- By Poornima Poojary, 22nd of April 2015, Family Travel, Views: 1384

Common Family holidays...hills, beaches, luxury, hometown, same old hotels!

This is not helping! It is just like feeding your kid to plain rice and milk, thinking it is the only required nutrition for growth. They will grow for sure by body, but not by mind...not a healthy growth.


The law is the same for everything...including holidays. What use is a holiday which will not add any value to growth of your kids and yourselves? What new will they learn on their holiday with you?

Step out of the crowd, out of your comfort zone! Take them on a journey which will pave a pathway to exploring their lives in a better manner as they grow up.

Try something from the below. Start now!


Famping is nothing but Family Camping. A super offbeat idea is to go camping, unfortunately, dominant in India amongst youngsters only. People are not pretty open about taking their families camping and exploring. They look for more of security, cleanliness, comforts and other aspects due to which they miss out on all the fun that can be had on a camping expedition with their kids and spouses. Think again! It is an exciting holiday option which will leave imprints of amazing memories.


Soft Adventures

Take your kids on an adventure. Be it a simple hike in the forest, take a cycle trip through the village, boat ride, prepare the bait for fishing at the river, go on an archeological trip and let the kids learn about our rich and vast culture, visit museums, climb up a hill, etc. The ways are plenty if you have the will! Explore! Kids sure love this lovely way of holidaying with their parents.


Learn an Art

Why not learn something together as a family? May be an art. How about learning the art of cheese-making? Or maybe Warli painting, pottery, puppet making, kites, lantern making, handicrafts, etc. or visit an artisans village to show your kids how unique artifacts are created. There are numerous holiday homes which provide experience based holidays and insist guests to take up such inspiring packages for better bonding with their families.

Farm Holiday

Experience ploughing a field, sowing seeds, plucking vegetables and fruits with your kids... how exciting is that! Teaching kids about the value of food, its base of natural abundance, how much effort it takes to grow them, hence teach them to reduce wastage of food. Numerous farm houses across India will let you try your hands at farming activities. Value added holidays for sure!



Wildlife Adventure

It is always a special experience to observe wild animals in their natural habitats. Just go! The magnetic aura of the jungle can do wonders to children. They will learn to understand and respect the spaces and lives of all living beings, making them better human beings ready to take over the world.


Many a times, it so happens that a few base experiences tap into children's minds and bring out their potentials with regards to particular professional aspects at a very young age! Isn't that what all parents want these days?

Like kids, elders too love to be treated to new and variant places, things and adventures. A short expedition won't hurt. The only thing that will happen is a bag full of exciting memories with your families to cherish for a life!

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